Entrance hall

The front door gives you access to the hall where you immediately see some characteristic features of ‘THE ABBEY LODGE’ such as a fireplace and the use of cornices and matching consoles from above the doors inside the house.

Drawing room & Withdrawing chamber

Drawing room The Drawing room  in the Georgian Townhouse  was placed near the front door so that it was easily accessibel. This room was used for guests and the adults of the family to entertain. It was seen as the social center of the house.


The stairwell is especially noteworthy with a staircase that is open from the ground floor all the way up to the top floor.

Dining room & Butler’s pantry

Dining Room In Georgian England, many wealthy families gave extravagant dinner parties. Large and elegant dining tables were made tot order by leading craftsmen.

Study room with attic

The owner of the house would have used this room for discussing different matters or to-day concerns with his friends and to smoke a cigar after dinner.